Adrian Peterson’s Potential Landing Spots

One of the biggest names in the free agency this season is former Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson. He is one of the most explosive running backs that the league has seen and many have been anticipating where he is going to end up in the 2017 season. And rightfully so. AP is one of the few running backs that I have seen that can make something out of nothing with just pure force and determination. Sometimes it feels like you can put him out there without an offensive line and he’ll still have a 100-yard game. Many teams have been eyeing to add him onto their roster, but he has narrowed it down to two potential landing spots: the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks. Another team worth noting is the New England Patriots, a team that Peterson said he would be willing to take “team-friendly” contract to be a part of. Let’s take a look and see how he fits in with these three potential destinations for 2017.

First, let’s take a look at the Oakland Raiders. I believe that the Raiders would be the best fit for a player like Adrian Peterson and I also believe that with Peterson, the Raiders will have their best chances at winning a Super Bowl in 2017. They don’t have a playmaking running back to support their powerful offensive front, run by Derek Carr, and Peterson can fill that hole. Last season, they made it by with Latavius Murray, but Peterson possesses so much more talent than Murray. Combine that with a top-five offensive line and then you’ll have one of the most lethal offensive forces in the league. The Raiders already had one of the most productive offenses in 2016 and I think that the addition of Peterson will give them a real chance at keeping up with the Patriots, who have been making big moves of their own this offseason. To sum it up, if the Raiders can get their hands on Peterson, then watch out because they’re going to be a force next season.

The Seattle Seahawks would be another decent fit for the veteran running back. They would be a team that Peterson would really need to step up with because their offensive line is atrocious, ranked last in the league by Pro Football Focus. The only reason that their offense hasn’t fallen apart is because Russell Wilson is a ridiculous magician in the backfield and can make plays with his feet. He had little help from a running game last season, but Peterson could give him something in 2017. It obviously won’t be easy with an offensive line as disgusting as Seattle’s, but Peterson has faced bigger challenges in his career. With Peterson, the Seahawks would likely return to that team that went to back-to-back Super Bowls with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. A solid running back is what they’ve been missing since Lynch retired and Peterson could definitely fill that role. They are two running backs of the same kind and with him, they’ll be able to become one of the better running teams in the league instead of falling in the bottom ten for consecutive years.

It’ll only take me a few seconds to describe what would happen if AP signed with the Patriots. They would be unstoppable. It wouldn’t even be close. Everyone would just have to throw in the towel and give them their sixth ring. They already won a Super Bowl last season, but this season they would have the addition of Brandin Cooks, Adrian Peterson, the return of a healthy Rob Gronkowski, and the additions that they made to their already solid defense. It wouldn’t be fair. It already doesn’t seem fair to most of the league, but at least it wouldn’t be crazy to see the Patriots lose. And Peterson would go to New England for less money which is even more terrifying.

It seems like no matter where Peterson ends up, it’ll be a Super Bowl contending team. He deserves it. He’s been playing ridiculously well throughout his career and it wouldn’t be fair for him to end his career without at least one ring. Many talented players have ended their careers ringless and I don’t want AP to be one of them.

Keep your eyes open for any news on Peterson because wherever he ends up, it’ll change the course of the 2017 season.


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